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There are many great gifts for men that you can get, but it can be hard to know which the best is.

After all, the best  gifts are the ones that he will like best, but getting birthday gifts for men, special birthday gifts for your boyfriend, or a gift for husband can be a challenge if you just don’t know what he likes.

The good news: here we have all kinds of great gift ideas of fun things that you can get for your man, no matter what kind of things he will like best or find most useful! Don’t worry, there’s a bit of something for every kind of guy, and the gift ideas below may be just what you need to help you know exactly what you can get your special man for his birthday… I give you a lot of pictures and links to find the gifts on to make it easy for you or to give you an idea about what you can find in shops. If you click the pictures, you will come to a page on Amazon with that particular gift, but you can also search for other products. Below on the pages I will show you my favorite gifts for him.

Best Birthday Gifts for Him

All guys have at least a small romantic streak, no matter how much they try to hide it. If you want to give him a good gift, why not give him something that is nice and romantic? By getting him one of these romantic gifts on the Best Birthday Gifts for Him page, you can show him you love him. Here are a couple of gift ideas to get you started:

  • Romantic Picture – A great gift idea for your man is a romantic picture just for his office or workspace. You can put a nice picture of the two of you in a classy frame, have the words “I Love You” embossed on the frame, and give it to him for his office. It will be an elegant way for him to show you off to all of his coworkers, and will be one little expression of the love that you two share.
  • Romantic Wine Glasses – For the man who likes to drink wine at home, this is the perfect romantic gift for him. It will be a cute little wine glass set, with a romantic message scrawled on the wine glasses or a set that will match. It is a nice romantic gift that you can give him, and you will find that he will love it. After all, every time he thinks of how much he loves you, he will be sipping a nice glass of his favorite wine!

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Birthday Gifts for Dad

It’s important that any gifts that you give Dad are right for him, but what can you give the man who raised you on this Father’s Day. Don’t worry, we have lots of great ideas for Father’s Day gifts on the Birthday Gifts for Dad page, ideas that will help you to find just what your father could want on this special day. Here are a few gift ideas you may want to consider:

  • iPad Case – For the Dad who carries around his iPad, a fancy iPad case can be the perfect gift. You can give him an iPad case made of sturdy leather, which will turn the device into one more elegant tool for his office. You can also give him a fun arcade iPad case, which will help him to be able to play games on his iPad at all times. There are dozens of nifty cases for the iPad, all of which will protect it and make it much easier for him to use.
  • Single Malt Scotch – Few men are able to say no to a good bottle of Scotch, and anyone who loves their father will consider giving him this present of bottled happiness! It is a gift that will cost, but you just can’t put a price on birthday gifts for Dad or Father’s Day presents. A good bottle of Scotch is guaranteed to put a smile on his face, and nothing tells him you love him more than a good single malt.

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Birthday Gifts for Guys

What to get the manly man who has it all? If your man is one that likes to do things only the manly way, it can be hard to know what to get him for his birthday. However, we’ve come up with a lot of great ideas of things that you can get your manly man, and you can find them on the Birthday Gifts for Guys page. Here are a few gifts you may want to look into for him:

  • Putting Glasses — No man is going to admit it to a woman, but there are times when his golf game could use a bit of a boost. If his putt is a bit weak, it may have to do with a lack of focus. A good pair of golf putting glasses can help him to focus only on the prize, as the dark lenses and thicker frames will help to block out everything around him – making it possible to sink those putts!
  • Plush Robe – Nothing tells your man that you love him more than a plush terrycloth or velvet robe, and there is nothing more luxurious than sitting around in the evening wearing a nice warm robe. If you want to spoil your manly man, a plush robe will be just the thing to let him know how much you love him.

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Unique Gifts for Men (electronics)

There are many great unique gifts that you can give your man on this special day, but it is highly likely that your man is going to want some kind of electronics – all men do! Unless your man is a hardcore outdoor man, it is probable that he has already gathered quite a collection of the latest electronics. On the Unique Gifts for Men page, you can find some great ideas of awesome electronic gifts that you can give him, such as these two below:

  • Digital Photo Frame – Now he doesn’t have to print out that photo of his prize catch in order to hang it in his man cave, but he can proudly have all of his prize photos on display with a digital photo frame.Yes, he will probably keep some pictures of you and your children as well, but this is a great gift to give your man a chance to show off all of his favorite pictures.
  • Fancy Bluetooth – Bluetooth devices are now required in most states in order to talk on the phone while you drive. Getting your man a fancy Bluetooth device such as an in the car speaker system will be a great way to show him that you love him, as that way you can call him any time you want and talk to him – no matter what he’s doing!

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Gifts for Boyfriend

If there is one thing that is guaranteed to make your man wake up and pay attention, it is a sexy gift from you to him. Don’t worry, most of the sexy gifts that you give him will end up being used on you, but these Gifts for Boyfriend will be an excellent way for you to spark his interest:

  • Sexy Massage Kit – There’s nothing like a good massage at the end of a day, especially if it leads to some more promiscuous fun. If you give him this sexy kit, he’s guaranteed to get his hands dirty giving you a massage – guaranteed to head to very enjoyable places!
  • 101 Steamy Sticky Notes – Want to let him know just how much you love him and are thinking of him? Leaving these steamy sticky notes in his briefcase, on his computer, and in special places will help him to get fun ideas in his head – ideas he can bring back home and use with you!

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Gift Baskets for Men

Most people think of gift baskets as being useful only for giving to women or the ill, but the truth is that a man will always enjoy a good gift basket. On the Gift Baskets for Men page, there are some awesome ideas of fun gift baskets that you can give your man. Check out these two manly gift basket ideas below:

  • Snack Basket – Rather than getting him a basket full of scented soaps and other girly items, why not get him a bag full of snacks that he can take with him on the road?                   A nice snack gift basket will have all of his favorite snacks, and you can bet he’ll love that you thought of him.

  • Beer Basket – An assortment of beers is just what the doctor ordered at the end of a long hard day of work.                                     Your man is guaranteed to love the beer basket with its wide variety of delicious beers from all over the country – or even all over the world!

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60th Birthday Gifts for Him (outdoors)

What do you get the man who is going into retirement? Something that will be useful for him during his times that he will spend relaxing and resting! If you want some good ideas for gifts for your retiring father, check out the 60th Birthday Gifts for Him page for some great outdoor gifts – like these two below:

  • Binoculars – A good set of binoculars will go a long way in helping your dad to be able to watch all those beautiful birds flying around the house, and you may find that it will be just what he would love as he sits outside and watches the birds fly by!
  • Handcrank Radio – When Dad’s out on the lake, there’s not going to be any electricity to power his radio. A handcrank radio is the perfect gift for him, as he can just keep the radio powered up by hand and listen to all those sweet tunes that will keep him entertained.

Check out the 60th Birthday Gifts for Him page for more gift ideas for your outdoor man…

50th Birthday Gifts for Him

The 50th birthday is a milestone event, and it should be greeted with a gift that is useful and practical – as your man will likely want. On the 50th Birthday Gifts for Him page, you can find all kinds of awesome practical gifts that he can take to work or use around the house, such as these two below:

  • Cooling station – If there is one thing that your traveling professional man will want, it is to avoid his laptop overheating as he’s flying or riding the train. A laptop cooling station can go beyond a simple tool, as you can find all kinds of awesome desks that will do a lot more than keep his computer cool.
  • Laptop Bag – For the man who already has it all, a fancy laptop bag is just what he needs. A nice laptop bag can be the perfect professional gift, and it will be a good way for you to give your father or spouse a gift that will be practical and elegant.

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40th Birthday Gifts for Him

For the man who loves his car, car gifts are the perfect thing that you can give him on his 40th birthday. By now he is probably accustomed to driving his car, which he has probably had for a few years. A practical car gift can help him to get to work and back more easily, and the ideas here and on the 40th Birthday Gifts for Him page can be a good way to make his life easier:

  • Key locator keychain – Is he always losing his keys, or putting them down and being unable to find them again? If so, the Key Locator Keychain is the perfect gift for him. All he has to do is press the button on his Key Finder, and it will either beep or buzz to let him know where his keys are at all times.
  • Sun Visor Organizer – The sun visor is actually an excellent storage compartment, but it can be annoying to try and organize everything if you don’t have something like the Sun Visor Organizer. Thanks to this practical gift, he can store everything he wants in a neat and orderly fashion!

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21st Birthday Gifts for Him

There is no doubt that your 21 year old man is still a bit of a child deep down inside, no matter how mature or serious he tries to appear. If you want to give him the perfect birthday gift, a good gag or joke gift make be just what he needs. There are lots of funny gift ideas on the 21st Birthday Gifts for Him page, and these two will give you an idea of what he may want:

  • Self Stirring Mug – No doubt mornings aren’t his best time, but his cup of coffee will give him that kick to get him awake. A self stirring mug is the perfect gift, especially if it’s got “Plain Lazy” emblazoned on the mug to make him laugh every time he presses the button to stir the coffee!
  • Vodka Jell-O Shot Glasses – Parties and fun are important at this age, and there are few things that make a party as much fun as Jell-O shots. If you want to give him a great gift, give him a set of Jell-O shot glasses that will help him to kick the party into high gear!
  • Check out the 21st Birthday Gifts for Him page for more fun ideas…

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